About Us

We service the Chicagoland area and Western Suburbs. From Lake Forest to Tinley Park we have references that can attest to our quality construction and custom home development. There are many choices in any project, our 30 years of professional expertise will help turn your home into the dreams that you always hoped for. Contact us today for a personal consultation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with unequaled service, utilizing an innovative approach to problem solving from the design phase to project completion.

Our History

Paul J. Gerace Jr. has been in the Building industry since the early’ 70’s creating his first company, Primo Construction Co., Inc., concentrating on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. His reputation was developed early in his career as being fastidious with his work, giving his best to every detail. As his company grew it became necessary to work with sub-contractors so that he could handle the business. From the start, these “subs” knew that to work with Paul meant that only the best would suffice. No sloppy work, no tardiness and no excuses.

He gradually moved to larger and more intricate projects building a number of custom homes and major room additions.

Jerzy Skutnik, owner of J.W. Skutnik Construction, Inc. for over twenty years, was a sub-contractor that had worked with Paul, and did high quality work. They realized that their goals were very similar as were their work ethics and standards. They decided to form a partner company, Primo / J.W. Skutnik Custom Builders Inc. Together as Partners, they have created a company where quality and integrity come first. Their basic goal is to treat their customers, as they themselves like to be treated, a golden rule in building as well as life

Brad Gerace, Paul's son, grew up learning the fundamentals of implementing value into design. Alongside Paul and Jerzy, Brad studied the ins and outs of the industry for 5 years before managing his own project. Since then he has completed over 150 projects from bathroom remodels, to custom homes, all the while implementing organizational efficiency and project effectiveness. Brad is also on the forefront of new techniques, products, and innovations in the building industry that he introduces and blends with the old world craftsmanship he was taught from his father.